5 Gallon Bottle Water Filling Machine

3/5Gallon Bottle Water Filling Machine

1. Volume of bottle: 3Gallon 4Gallon 5Gallon 6Gallon ; 1Gallon=3.75Liter
2. One machine only can use for one kind of bottle
3. Drink Kind: Mineral Water, Pure Water, Spring Water.
4. Function: Rinser Bottle, filler water, capper bottle.

Different capacity type for choice

How profit of 5gallon business

Keypoint: 5Gallon Bottle is reuse, 5Gallon bottle water do not sell in shop or supermarket. It is directly selling, the mainly cost is labour carry it to customer’s family.

A 100BPH 5gallon bottled pure water plant could produce 800 bottle per shift. The cost to produce each bottle is under $0.1. Many plant will run 16 or 24 hours a day in times of high demand. If selling at a $1.1 every bottle. This rate the plant could make $800 per day in profits when selling at the lowest price possible. Profit $2400 if running 3shift everyday.

Water packaged in 5gallon bottle can be a very profitable business model when done properly. This is the lowest cost way to package water because of 5gallon bottle is reuse. 5gallon bucket is made of 100% new food-grade PolyCarbonate(PC) or Polyethylene terephthalate(PET).

NEP-100BPH 5gallon bottle washing filling capping machine production is 100bottles per hour. At least producing 800bottles per day at 8 hours working time, if business good then can expend to two shifts. Only the 5gallon cap is once-use and mouth sealing label is once use. The average cost to produce a 20liter bottled water is less than $0.1 (USD) with a wholesale price of ranging from $1 to $5.

Because the 5gallon bottle is reuse. And do not worried the quality, because 5gallon bottle is use pure water washing by machine after everytime recover from customer. This is a very good markup with over 1000% profit margin, and is most successful when selling in bulk to make a good profit. No matter in developing and developed Country is use the same way. And it is very environmental protection. Every countries of the worldwide is a very high demand for safe drinking water and 5gallon bottled water is the best solution to provide safe drinking water at an affordable price.

5gallon bottle water do not like small bottle water which sell in shop and supermarket . You can open one 10*10m water station and directly selling. Most of small 5gallon bottle water manufacturer directly selling bottled water to customer to reach the biggest profit. They do not need bigger agent to arrange bottle water to go shop and supermarket, 5gallon bottled water business main cost is the labour carry barrel water to customer’s family.

Small invest for small town/city

If your city or town with a population of 30,000 people that lack safe drinking water. You willing having a good 5gallon bottle water business to local in it. We have established a lot 5gallon bottle pure water plants in several countries where the profits range from $10,000 to over $50,000 per month. Establishing a 5gallon bottle water plant can easily be a very profitable business with low start up costs.

Working process

Bottle feeding>Disinfectant rinse>Rinse water>Pure water rinse>off the bottle>Push the bottle rack bottle stand>Pure Water Filling>(Li cover) cover of>Gland>Finished water sent

Why Neptune-high quality

The big bottle washing filling capping machine is strictly according to the China drinking water industry Association standards.
Most electrical components produced by China famous brand and key materials produced by international famous company.
Its is high automation, convenient operation and reliable performance.
Its size is small, whole machine weight is light and it has a beauty appearance. Its corrosion resistance is strong, its disinfection function is very good, it’s can effectively prevent air pollution to ensure the products have a high quality and so on.
The bottle filling machine entire process control by the PLC, precise positioning automatically, using less power, low labor intensity.
It made of high strength stainless steel, precision arc welding, variant small, beautiful welding lines; transmission parts for the stainless steel structure to ensure that the institutions in the normal operation of a variety of environments; non-metallic parts are made of PP plastic and other non-toxic high Wear-resistant materials carefully processed.The drive motor and the booster pump mostly use the domestic export-oriented series stainless steel products.Series of electrical components used imported or domestic famous series of hardcover which is more stable and reliable.