0.2-2Liter Bottle Filling Machine

It is collects washing, filling and capping together . Mainly suitable for washing filling and capping 0.2-2Liter plastic pet bottles. Use to produce mineral bottle water or purified bottled water.

3-10Liter Bottle Filling Machine

3-10L Bottled water is new trend of drinking product. The machine cost is very low and have very few competitors. Competitive different with other bottled water company.

5Gallon Bottle Filling Machine

Recycling 5gallon bottle. It need brush washing, disinfectant and pure water washing the outside and inside 5gallon bottle. Then filler pure water into 5gallon bottle and capping .

Blow Molding Machine

It is suitable for producing PET plastic bottles. It is widely used to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral water, pesticide bottle oil bottle cosmetics, wide-mouth bottle etc.

RO Water Purification

It is the removal of contaminants from untreated water to produce drinking water that is pure enough for its intended use, most commonly human consumption.

Sleeve Shrink Labeling Machine

It will auto read the pass bottle water, then cut a label and sleeve on the bottle water. Bottled water with label go through shrinking tunnel, the pvc label will shrink wrap on the bottle very tight.

Ink Jet Printer

It is ink jet on the outside of the bottle. It is use to printing produce date on the product. Videojet ink jet printer simpler operation, less maintenance and superior print quality.

Wrap Film Shrink Packing Machine

Directly connect with conveyor belt. Bottled water go into wrap film machine and wrap film for 6/12/20/24 bottles per package. Then go through shrink tunnel and film shrinking will tighter the bottles water.